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1. General provisions:

Auksinė grupė, MB, located at Draugystės g. 19D, LT-51231 Kaunas (hereinafter – Auksinė grupė, Data Controller or We). We want you to work with us to know how we use the information and the ways you can protect your privacy.

This Privacy Policy explains what personal information we collect and why, how we use it, what choices we offer, including how to access and update such information.

Data controller details:

Auksinė grupė, MB

Address: Draugystės g. 19D, LT-51231 Kaunas

Tel .: +370 (689) 93595


Auksinė grupė cares about your privacy, so take the time to familiarize yourself with our practices and if you have any questions, please contact us at the contacts above.

We confirm that the data of the data controller’s website visitors will be collected by the requirements of the valid legal acts of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania and the instructions of the controlling authorities. All reasonable technical and administrative measures are in place to protect the data we collect about visitors to the Site from loss, unauthorized use, and alteration.

The terms used in the Rules shall be understood as they are defined in the General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679

2. For what purpose do we collect and process information about your personal data?

We ensure that we use information relating to a naturally identifiable person, directly or indirectly (“Personal Data”), only for lawful purposes, confident that you have given your consent to the use of that personal data for purposes we have determined, or for any other legal basis. process your personal data (eg when performing a contract with you, providing data to law enforcement authorities based on legal requirements, etc.). We process data by the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter – GDPR), the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as personal data processing requirements established in other legal acts, applicable basic data processing principles, especially data minimization principle and other requirements.

We collect data to operate efficiently and offer the services that best meet your needs, for cooperation purposes, for projects carried out by the Reklamos ekosistema, to start or continue existing activities. Personal data is also processed with your consent or by yourself to submit offers to join our team (job offers and other forms of cooperation), through third parties or by conducting selections yourself. We also use information about your personal data to inform about our activities or news, for communication purposes, to place advertisements on social networking platforms, search engines, or other advertising platforms, by targeting advertising to the target audience. 

3. How do we receive your personal data?

We collect your personal data directly in several ways, such as when you provide us with your personal information, via email. by mail, phone, registering on our sites, using our gadgets, purchasing services from us, making inquiries, submitting your resume or cover letter, communicating on social networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

We may also obtain your personal data from other sources, including commercial sector data sources such as public databases and databases and information from third parties. If you do not want us to receive your personal data from other sources, please indicate your preferences to the relevant sources.

4. What personal data do we collect and use?

In general, the data we collect can be divided into the following data categories:

• The information you provide to us. Basic data, including name, surname, contact telephone number, e-mail address. Data obtained with your consent and defined at the time the consent was given: date of birth, position, work address, a username of Skype or other communication channels;

• Your username, email address, responsibilities, and any other information you agree to share through third-party sites (such as social networking sites where the Reklamos ekosistema has its official and public accounts);

• Information about the browser you use when you visit our sites, your IP address and device address, marked with links.

We use cookies, they are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website, so the website may “remember” your actions and options (“cookies”) and similar technologies for a period of time to improve our products and your experience. sites by collecting information about how you use our sites. Some of the cookies used are needed for the main functions of the website, such as to provide a secure connection; however, we also use cookies to analyze your use of the website (so that we can evaluate and improve its performance).

Our websites use cookies:

Necessary and analytical:

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You can manage and/or delete cookies at your own discretion using your browser settings. You can delete all cookies already on your device, and you can set most browsers not to save cookies on your device. However, in this case, each time you visit the website, you may need to reset some options and some services and features may not work.

Our website may contain links to the websites of other persons, companies, or organizations. Please note that the Data Controller is not responsible for the content of such websites or the privacy policies they use. Therefore, if you click on a link from the Data Controller’s website to other websites, you should read their Privacy Policy separately.

We do not specifically collect or process personally identifiable information from individuals who are younger than the statutory age for self-employment. We respect the rights of such individuals and, if necessary, to provide the Services, please contact us with that person’s parents or guardians.

Below are instructions for browsers to help you manage your cookies:

5. How do we protect Personal Data?

We use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data you provide from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or unauthorized access to your personal data.

The information collected is considered only to the extent required by law and only for as long as we fulfill the above purposes for which we collected or received your personal data. The information collected is regularly reviewed and deleted if it becomes irrelevant. There are no restrictions on the storage of personalized data, but we also store it only as long as and to the extent necessary.

We may share the information we collect with the competent authorities as required by law. The information may be provided to public authorities or relevant services. Information is also provided in cases where there is reason to believe that personal information is being provided unlawfully.

Our goal is to ensure that the information about the Customer is correct and relevant. Therefore, we encourage Customers to notify us of any changes to the information provided.

6. To whom can we transfer (share) your personal data?

We may transfer your data to trusted third parties:

• successful representation of the company for the purpose of selling the company’s services/products

• if you consent to the disclosure of personal data;

For law enforcement and other authorities, if the disclosure of your personal data is required by law, a lawful instruction from a government/official or a court decision.

7. What are your rights?

You have the following rights:

• Access your personal data by requesting confirmation that we process your personal data in order to obtain a copy of the data or provide information;

• Request the rectification of your personal data and/or the suspension of the processing of such personal data if you find that the data is incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate;

• Requesting the destruction of personal data or the suspension of the processing of such personal data if it is processed unlawfully is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected when you no longer want the personal data concerning you to be processed;

• Has the right to transfer data (right to transfer);

• Do not consent to the processing of your personal data when this data is processed or is intended to be processed for the purposes of the illegal marketing direct interest.

Once a year, personal data is provided free of charge. The request can be submitted by e-mail or by registered mail to the company’s registered office address. Where such information is requested more than once a year, the fee for providing such information shall not exceed the cost of providing such information. We will notify you in advance of the obligation to pay before responding to your response or request.

8. How can I find out about changes to this Privacy Policy?

If necessary, we may change this Privacy Policy by posting updated information on our website and other communication channels. We kindly ask you to visit this section and read the current version of the Privacy Policy before using our online channels.

9. How to contact us?

Inquiries about information about the processed data can be submitted to as well as other contacts mentioned above. We will endeavor to provide an answer as soon as possible, but no later than one month after receipt of the request unless the scope of the question requires additional time. Should such time be required, we will notify you immediately and state the reasons.